Payroll Timelines

  • Payroll for contracted employees is the last business day of the month.

    All payroll changes (i.e. address, tax status, changes in benefits) must be received by the 1st of the month to become effective for the end of month payroll.

  • Payroll for substitutes, stipends and extra duty is the 10th working day of the month.
    • Payroll vouchers, address and tax status changes are due to payroll by the 16th of the month to be implemented on the following 10th of the months' payroll.

Employee Time Reports

All contracted employees are responsible for completing their employee time reports, making sure that any absences are notated correctly on the employee time report and signed by their site administrator. Employee time reports are due by the second day of the following month.

Annual 403(b) Plan Notice
To all School District Employees