End of Year Reminders

Celebrations - End of School Year Reminders
Posted on 04/17/2023

As we look to close out the 2022/2023 school year, it is helpful and necessary to remember to recognize and appreciate the many opportunities for celebration that occur. CUSD Staff are doing phenomenal work every day to create opportunities for students to engage, learn and grow and the end of the year provides many examples for our students to be celebrated. End of year events and activities---including performances, projects, exams, promotions and graduations---fill the calendar and all provide moments of reflection and appreciation for the time and energy invested by all involved. It is a very busy time of year overall, so it can be challenge to be fully present in these moments and to really “see” them and value them as they should be. Please take the time, when engaging in these moments---to pause, breathe and allow yourself to fully be present and appreciative of the moment, and all involved in it.

Mark Campbell
Calaveras Unified School District

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