Budget Updates

CUSD Budget Updates
Posted on 10/24/2023
September 28, 2023

CUSD Staff and Families,

Here are updates on our status and direction with our Revised 2023/24 Budget, as well as the required Deficit Elimination Plan (DEP), both of which were approved by the CUSD Board of Trustees tonight.

2023/24 Budget
• The necessary changes have been made to the 2023/24 Budget so that we were able to get CUSD Board approval, and now will be able to get approval from our County Office of Education (even though we still fall a bit short of the minimum 3% reserves requirement, which we still have to work towards)
• Our deficit went from 6.3 million (June projections) to 4.5 million. That is still significant, and will require a high degree of budget reductions, as outlined below
• Adjustments to this budget were made to get us as close to compliance as possible----using one-time funds for staffing costs (which we can’t do after this year), making budget reductions in staffing and operations, redesignating other funds and analyzing and adjusting projected revenue and expenditure data
• We will continue to work to monitor and manage our budget, seeking other areas of savings and possible adjustments we can make to help us further reduce expenditures---as well as our ongoing efforts to increase revenue, which is primarily through better student attendance (primary state funding based upon ADA---Average Daily Attendance)

Deficit Elimination Plan (2024-2026)
• Reflects the decisions already made to not fill 12 fte of teaching positions and 9.53 fte of classified positions for this current year (already reflected in our 23/24 Budget)
• Calls for the reduction of two more classified positions this year (by not filling vacancies), the reduction of 16 fte of teaching positions in 2024/25 (staffing all classes except for our TK classes at 30 students per classroom/teacher) and the reduction of 6 fte of classified positions (paraprofessionals) in 2024/25
• Calls for the reductions of one position each in Maintenance/Custodial, Technology and Educational Services Departments, effective the 2024/25 year
• Calls for the reduction of two administrative positions in 2025/26
• Calls for other reductions to administrative benefits and operational budgets effective the 2024/25 year

A significant portion of the staff reductions are connected to the fact that we no longer have COVID-related funds available (which we knew three years ago would result in layoffs, we just chose to delay them for one year).

Once we are able to project the impacts of the projected budget reductions (as outlined above), on our 2023-2026 Budget projections, then we can further determine what further actions may be necessary to consider, as we work to eliminate the deficit and achieve sustainable fiscal stability.

For addressing any deeper questions on “how” and “why” we are facing these budget challenges, I refer you back to emailed communications from June 27th and September 13th.

We are focused on moving forward. We will continue to be diligent in our efforts to effectively address our budget situation while seeking to protect people and programs, and our ability to effectively serve and support our students, as best we can.

No matter the challenges to come---I fully believe we will see this through, together, and do right by students and staff to the degree possible…but it will take significant time, energy, effort, patience, resiliency and resolve.


Mark Campbell
Calaveras Unified School District