Guidelines and Applications 

Mini Grant Instructions - WordPDF

Mini Grant Application - Word - PDF

Scoring Guidelines - Word - PDF

Due Date for the grant application is:

September 29, 2023
*Note: Must submit new application form.
No old forms will be accepted

Ed Foundation Grant Writers:
Grants should be mailed to the CUSD Educational Foundation using
the address you see on the application.

In order to conceal the name of the mini-grant writer until after the judges peruse the grants, put NO NAME on the second page of the grant where the proposal is being described. Fold the grand application in half with the name of the grand writer inside and staple it to the back of your proposal. Failure to follow these directions may result is disqualification.

Teachers who receive grants and then transfer to another school within the district may take the items purchased with them to the new school if they can be used with the new students.

However, if the teacher leaves the district, the materials purchased with mini grant funds from CUSD Ed Foundation shall be left with the school.

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