Student Data Privacy Agreements

Calaveras Unified School District believes that protecting the privacy of students data is a top priority.  While using innovative digital resources, we take great measures to ensure the privacy and security of all our students' information. 

We have partnered with the National Student Data Privacy Consortium (NDPC) and California IT in Education (CITE) to assist us in securing National Data Privacy Agreements (NDPA's) for vendors that collect student data containing personally identifiable information (PII). 

- Data Privacy Agreements-

Within this page you will find a list of companies/websites which CUSD has an active privacy agreement with. You will also find the signed agreements herein. 

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Kristyl Galli at [email protected].


The Calaveras Unified School District currently discloses student information to the following vendors, performing services for the district, and/or providing online instructional software for students and staff at school sites:

Abobe, Inc   .Adobe privacy information
ASSISTments    ASSISTments privacy information
Autodesk - TinkerCad     Tinkercad privacy information

CEDR Special Education Information Systems (SEIS)  ClassDojo privacy information Clever privacy information CK12 privacy information Desmos privacy information EdPuzzle privacy information
Edulastic Edulastic privacy information EduTyping privacy information
Flipgrid.ComFlipgrid privacy information
G Suite for Education (Google) Google privacy information GeoGebra privacy information GetEpic privacy information Goformative privacy information
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Intervention and Assessment Houghton Mifflin privacy information

Infinite Campus, Inc. Infinite campus privacy information
Khan Academy Khan Academy privacy information
Learning A-Z Learning A-Z privacy information LifeTouch privacy information Magnitude privacy information Math Learning Center privacy information 
McGraw Hill Education McGraw-Hill privacy information
Microsoft Education Microsoft privacy information MobyMax privacy information NearPod privacy information Newsela privacy information N2Y privacy information Padlet privacy information PearDeck privacy information Quizizz privacy information
Renaissance Learning/ Teachers Curriculum Institute TCI privacy information
Savvas, Inc Savvas privacy information
Screencastify   Screencastify privacy information Senor Wooly privacy information Spelling city privacy information TCi privacy information TurnItIn privacy information Xello privacy information

Individual school sites may use apps not included on this list and will disclose those directly to parents


Which resources need to be reviewed?
Any digital resource, both free and paid, that students are interacting with and/or producing content on.

To request a new resource:

First check the list of digital resources (NDPA'S) to see if it has already been reviewed.

  1. If the resource is not on the list, please review the resource's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to check its suitability for your students.                                                                                                           
  2. Staff-Please follow this link (click here) to submit a request for review on the resource form.                                             
  3. You will receive updates on your request via email.  Please remember, negotiating these agreements can take a long time, but you will be made aware of progress.