Annual Notifications

Cover Sheet
Policy, state and federal statutes require that we review certain laws and procedures as a condition of employment on an annual basis. You are required to read the documents listed below, which summarize these policies and laws and delineate some specific responsibilities you have as an employee of Calaveras Unified School District.

Animals at School: BP 6163.2  AR 6163.2

Appointment & Conditions of Employment: BP 4212  AR 4212

Child Abuse Reporting Procedures: BP 5141.4

Civil & Legal Rights: BP 4119.1

Civility Policy: BP 1313(a)

Classified Personnel: BP 4200  AR 4200

Confidentiality Statement:  BP 4119.23

Dress & Grooming: BP 4119.22  AR 4119.22

Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace: BP 4020

Employee Assistance Programs: BP 4159

Employee Pre-Designated Treating Physician Notification

Employee Security: BP 4158

Employee with Infectious Disease: BP 4119.41

Employee Use of Technology: BP 4040 

Environmental Safety - Business & Non-Instructional Operations: BP 3514(a)

Hazardous Substances: BP 3514.1

Legal Status: AR 4111.2

Non-Discrimination in Employment: BP 4030  AR 4030

Personnel Files: AR 4112.6

Probationary Permanent Status: BP 4116   AR 4116

Professional Standards/Code of Ethics:  BP 4119.2  4119.2E

Sexual Harassment:  BP 4119  AR 4119

Standard Response Protocol  

Temporary/Substitute Personnel:  BP 4121  AR 4121

Tobacco-Free Schools:  BP 3513.3  AR 3513.3

Uniform Complaint Procedures:  BP1312.3  AR1312.3 

Universal Precautions Administrative Regulation:  BP 4119.43

Worker's Compensation Flyer